Want lessons or courses abroad?

Lessons and courses are a very important part of my professional activity. Now a days I have an experience of over almost 10 years teaching flamenco dancing.


For me is very important that students see that in order to be able to dance properly, we must first know and understand the "cante" and the music. Knowing then, that dancing has to be something born from the mixture of both.


To the meassure of my abilities, I try to make dynamic and fun classes making students participate actively, and always asking for a bit more from them.

I try to be as personal as I can with the time each type of class offers me, so I can help not only the group, but everyone as individuals always trying to bring them self awareness, self confidence and a clear message. 

Ultimately, I try to share my personal and professional experience mixing them so that we can all have a good time, feeling like we all get better after a lesson and getting sweaty in the process.


I am always open and very happy to go abroad to teach and perform.




Check the schedule for my lessons in Helsinki

If for any reason you can't come to your lesson(s) and you have already payed for them, you can go instead and get your dancing hours back to the lessons of:

Marianna Stråhmann - Laura Rintamäki - Elina Lehtola - Anne Riikola

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