I am a professional artist and teacher who finds himself in a continuos and evolving search for expression. And it is inside that search where I explain myself the purpose of my efforts. Teaching has given me the opportunity to understand people in a closer way and to comprehend things of myself and my art that I did not knew before. I treasure the time I can spend teaching and sharing.


Onstage I might be singing, playing drums, percussion, guitar or dancing. Offstage I like to take part on every aspect of whatever I see myself involved in, production, communications, marketing, instruction, artistic direction, lights plan, etc.


My biggest passion is people, and in many aspects I like to think that this endless search is about the seeking for understanding, at least in some ways, human behaviour or my reflections of it.

I have deep respect for every art form which I firmly believe relies not only in art, but any person doing any activity can be an artist in my eyes.


In the spam of the last 10 years I have done teaching, dancing, acting, drums, guitar, singing. Performing extensively in different venues both in Finland and abroad. I also earned a degree in International Business and Logistics in 2019.

I am also an entrepreneur and a contact for artists with the nordic countries and official distributor of Guitarrería Alvarez y Bernal.

Carlos y Rodri
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